Service Strategic Access to European and Asian Market, Partners and Investors

Strategic Access to European and Asian Market, Partners and Investors

Many companies have great products with potential to grow faster in Europe and Asia, which could become their biggest markets. However, either due to lack of dedicated M&A team or local resources, the great market opportunities in Europe and Asia have been missed. We are experts in helping companies expand in Europe and Asia through our connections with local strategic investors, partners and governments, as well as our years of experience in cross-border M&A and Joint Venture creation. Our bilingual and bi-cultural professional team is the right partner for you to grow into these markets strategically.


Fundraising Services
Our fundraising team offers dedicated solutions for companies worldwide to have easy access to European and Asian capital including venture capital, strategic investors or municipal government funds, etc.


M&A Advisory Services
Our experienced team provides a full scope of tailored advisory services on M&A transactions. 


Sell-side Advisory
For companies seeking investors and business opportunities, we leverage our connections in Europe and Asia to quickly identify and approach the most suitable investors and strategic partners. Thanks to our strong cross-cultural execution capability, we offer comprehensive services including information memo preparation, screening / approaching investors, company valuation analysis, deal structuring design, road show, and negotiation up to signing / closing.


Buy-side Advisory
For multinational companies who are seeking strategic growth in European and Asian market, we leverage our exclusive deal sourcing capabilities and years of M&A experience in MNCs to close deals efficiently. In addition, we will work with companies to form the right growth strategy either through M&A, JV or Strategic Alliance in European and Asian market.