About Us Leading Cross-Border M&A Advisory and Investment Group

Leading Cross-Border M&A Advisory and Investment Group

Founded in 2013, Arbor Lake Capital ("Arbor Lake") is a leading cross-border M&A advisory and investment firm focusing on investments between China and the rest of the world. We are the go-to source for access to Chinese Investors and the Chinese Market. We also own China’s first cross-border online investment platform with hundreds of Chinese investment needs, aiming to bring Chinese capital to companies worldwide.


With a total of $220B invested overseas in 2016, China has become the second largest entity in the world in terms of foreign investment. As one of the most experienced boutique cross-border investment banks in China, Arbor Lake Capital is well positioned to serve as the portal for companies worldwide to access Chinese capital and the Chinese market.


Our leadership team is comprised of China’s first generation cross-border M&A professionals. All of our team members are bilingual with previous investment banking, consulting, and corporate M&A experience in both China and the rest of the world.


Selectively, we make direct investments in companies with potential to grow in China and often help them achieve this growth by forming joint ventures with strategic partners.


Currently, we have offices in Detroit, San Francisco, Chicago, Shanghai, and Beijing.