Investment Investment in High-Quality SPAC and High-Growth Companies

Investment in High-Quality SPAC and High-Growth Companies

We established SPAC investment fund and equity investment fund to seize market opportunities and invest in high-quality SPACs and high-growth companies with potential to go public in the capital market.

Our partners consist of professionals with rich experience in going public in US stock markets and cross-border M&A investment. We have strong network and capability to explore high-quality investment targets and manage post-investment integration. 


SPAC Investment Fund
With the popularity of going public via SPAC, SPAC investment has become a new investment opportunity. Investors benefit from lower risk and potentially high return on investment.

Direct Investment Fund
Our direct investment fund mainly focuses on investing pre-IPO opportunities. The target companies cover emerging industries such as next-generation automobiles, advanced manufacturing, high technology, healthcare, energy and environmental protection etc.