About Us The Best Partner Bridging China And Rest of The World

The Best Partner Bridging China And Rest of The World

Most Professional Cross-Border M&A Team

Our partners are China's earliest and most seasoned cross-border M&A and investment professionals possessing over 200 cross-border project experience and decades of multi-national companies' managerial and operational experience. Furthermore, all of our team members graduated from top universities and business schools worldwide. As one integrated team with deep understanding of cultural differences between China and rest of the world, we increase deal closing rate by our professionalism, sophistication, and coherent execution.


Solely Focused On Investments Between China And Rest Of The World

We only focus on cross-border M&A advisory and investments between China and rest of the world, with priority on China's outbound M&A and investment. This laser-focused strategy enabled us to build a high-quality group of Chinese investor base, as well as building a deeper relationship with companies and intermediaries worldwide. This results in quicker matching, smoother communication and higher deal closing rate.


The Go-To Source to Access Chinese Investors and Market

Many small to middle-sized companies worldwide have great products with potential to grow in China, which could be one of their biggest markets. However, they don't have capital, capacity, or local resources to either attract Chinese investors or achieve quicker growth in the fast growing Chinese market. We possess wide connections with Chinese strategic/financial investors and local governments, together with our years of experience in cross-border M&A and helping foreign companies grow into Chinese market through JV. Our bilingual and bicultural professional team is the right partner for foreign SMEs to attract Chinese investors and access Chinese market.


Investment With Strategic Partners

Thanks to our vast network in China, we also partner with Chinese strategic or financial investors to better leverage local resources. For companies worldwide that are raising capital or open to M&A, we co-invest with Chinese investors or invest alone if there is a chance to bring in Chinese strategic investors at a later stage. All of our invested companies should have synergies with Chinese investors.